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As a leader in the Energy Performance Industry, we work with homeowners and home builders to create customized plans for highly efficient homes, while accommodating everyone’s needs.

We believe that you don’t have to sacrifice in order to have a green home.

In fact, the opposite is true: green living can be luxurious!

You’ll not only save money and experience more peace of mind, but you’ll also get more out of your home.


Our Team


Amelie has been in the Construction, Energy Performance and Sustainability Industry for over eighteen years, spanning back to Quebec in 2001, with the EnerGuide for Homes program. She is an Architect Technologist, and completed her Masters in Building Science from Danube University in Austria.

Amelie’s passion is creating and building cost effective, eco-friendly, high performing homes, multi-units and commercial buildings. She has worked on several High Performance Building Projects (including Net Zero Energy), and is experienced in the analysis and implementation of building envelope, systems and design elements.

As a goal-oriented communicator and leader, Amelie’s focus is on guiding the construction of sustainable, high performance residential and multi-residential buildings built for comfort. No challenge is too big!

Amelie is also a Certified Energy Advisor and a LEED for Homes Green Rater.


Our Partners


EcoAmmo’s purpose is to transition the world towards sustainability! They do that by offering facilitation and project management services related to green building certification and operational monitoring and reporting. EcoAmmo is a highly effective LEAN Six Sigma certified team that uses the power of fun to increase the flow of work!


Revolve Engineering Inc. is an Alberta based design collective providing sustainable mechanical system designs, energy consulting and energy modelling for commercial clients. We believe all buildings should be designed with sustainability as a priority and we use that belief as a guiding principle in everything we do. While our background includes traditional HVAC design, we focus only on renewable systems and high performance buildings. Our expertise in both traditional and renewable systems however allows us to understand and integrate renewable systems into almost any existing or traditional building design. Our experience in green building design, as well as traditional HVAC and energy modelling, gives us a unique look at how each building component affects the other. We use this unique perspective to influence the design and optimization of the building, helping our clients reach their energy targets.


ASK FOR A BETTER WORLD looks for value-aligned clients and collaborators that will build the right project for the right reasons.
We provide trust-based project facilitation, visioning and leadership to move architecture and design to higher aspirations, including carbon neutral, net zero or net positive energy, and regenerative buildings. We create a better world through our lean and collaborative culture that delivers exactly what our clients need through design thinking, pull-planning and asking the right questions.


Red-5 is about improvement that leads to transformation. A new learning paradigm of thinking that results in different and better outcomes. Seasoned experts in helping leaders, managers, and front-line staff to strive towards their visionary objectives. We develop processes, build skills and set goals to meet your unique challenges. Red-5 offers a personable, customized and collaborative approach to Lean training and consulting.


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