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Whether you’re a homeowner (or about to become one!) or a home builder, we can work together to reach your energy performance goals.

We’ll walk you through our simple 5-step process that will help you achieve luxurious green living, without the headaches.


Initial Consultation

Let’s talk about your goals.

What does green living mean to you? What are your biggest concerns? What’s on your wish list?

Your goals then become our goals as we begin to build a plan that will meet your needs.


Builder Meeting

Next, it’s time to talk to your builder or contractor. We work hard to ensure that your wishes are accommodated by recommending practical solutions that will allow for the desired design elements while staying on budget. Builders benefit from this too -- working with us reduces stress, provides peace of mind and ensures the homes they build are code-proof for the next decade, often at the same cost as a regular build.


Energy Simulation

We use cutting edge software to determine how to best approach the build or renovation in order to meet the energy performance targets. This energy simulation software allows us to predict how your house will behave once built, including the energy use, indoor climate and cost estimates!

This is where the magic happens! Our experience and knowledge in building science allows us to use this software effectively and accurately analyze the data so that all products and solutions work together optimally and seamlessly.


Building Permits

The next step is to get all the paperwork together and get the building plans approved.



And now the fun begins! You get to see the plans come together in your new or renovated home!

We’re present throughout the construction process to troubleshoot the envelope system, perform air leakage tests and perform scheduled check-ins to verify that the final results will match our targets.


How we can help

  • Can be performed on any type of building

  • AeroBarrier install equipment is mobile and portable

  • Space is prepped, then pressurized with the use of a blower door

  • Temperature, pressure, humidity, and distribution of sealant is all controlled via computer

  • Tests are completed to verify the

    sealing results

  • Receive an AeroBarrier Certificate, with a pre and post leakage report

  • Visit AeroBarrier Alberta for more information

  • ABC Part 936 Code Compliance Review and Consulting

  • Energuide for New Homes

  • Sustainable Design and Consulting

  • LEED for Homes

  • CSA F280-12 Residential Heat Loss/Gain Calculations

  • Lifecycle Assessment / Lifecycle Cost Analysis

  • Building Envelope Analysis

  • Envelope Troubleshooting and Diagnosis

  • Infrared Imaging Envelope Review

  • Optimization Review to Make Code Compliance More Cost Effective

  • Energy Advisor for Energuide Rating System

  • ABC Part 936 / NECB Code Compliance Review and Consulting

  • Energy Modelling

  • Sustainable Design Consulting

  • Building Envelope Analysis

  • Lifecycle Assessment / Lifecycle Cost Analysis

  • ASHRAE 90.1-2007 Mid-Rise Residential Building Air Barrier Drawing Review

  • NECB Code Compliance Reviews and Consulting

  • Energy Modelling

  • Sustainable Design Consulting

  • Lifecycle Assessment / Lifecycle Cost Analysis

  • Building Envelope Analysis

  • Air Tightness Consulting

  • Blower Door Testing

  • Net Zero Energy Consulting

  • Net Zero Ready Consulting

  • Alternate Energy Sources

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